Define Leadership

“Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose.” “Influence” Leadership is about influencing a group or team of people. It is not about power and coercion, although you may influence others to move in a direction that is contrary to […]

The Most powerful Leadership Influence arenas

THE 12 POWERFUL LEADERSHIP INFLUENTIAL AREAS 1-Politics-Government & Leadership! 2-Economy-Agriculture & Production! 3-Entertainment-Arts & Culture! 4-Athletics-Sports & Gymnastic! 5-Business-Trading & Commerce! 6-Justice-Law and order! 7-Education-Training & Development! 8-Technology-Communications & Transport! 9-Media-Mental influence & behavior! 10-Healthcare-Medical science! 11-Society-Family & neighbor! 12-Religions-Spiritual influence! Lydor Brunice

What is leadership is about?

Leadership is about: 1-Empowering others 2-Mentoring people. 3-Training others. 4-Equipping people! 5-Coaching people! 6-Developing others! 7-Deploying people! 8-Educating others! 9-Inspiring people! 10-Influencing people! 11-Impacting others! 12-Valuing people! That’s my 12 great assignment of true leaders. Lydor Brunice


True leader love people, elevate people, admire people and always see the bright side of people. Lydor Brunice