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Power -Money -Wealth

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My advise it’s pretty and simple, That’s one of the biggest question someone may ask about power and Money. These words control humans’ decisions almost in a daily basis. But until someone defines in his on term what is power and what is the importance of money and finally what is the reason why someone […]

What is Blessing?

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What is blessing? The word blessing means in the Hebrew language, I put it in the original Context as we all know: 1-Internal Deposit in form of seed 2-Hidden Potential 3-Unrevealed power! 4-Unused strength 5-Unreleased capability. 6-Unseen values and significant 7-Untold history about oneself! 8-Indescribable revelation 9-Untouchable atmosphere! 10-Unexpected and unpredictable secret. Let me make […]

Advice for people who want free traffic?

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In this 21st century thing change completely when it come to advertising, as an expert in online marketing and connecting business owners locally and internationally with the desired customers. The evolution of technology make thing better for many of us, it saves you gas, energy, time and peace of mind. In fact, I have developed […]

What is leadership is not?

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What is leadership is not? Leadership is not about power, but it is empowering people. is not about position, but it is about the disposition the heart. Leadership is not about the next election, but it is about the next generation. Leadership is not about manipulation, but it is about inspiration. Leadership is not about […]

What is Leadership is not

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Leadership is not about power, but empowering people. Leadership is not about your sight, but your vision! Leadership is not about manipulation, But inspiration! Leadership is not about excuses, but responsibility! Leadership is not about the past, But destiny and future! Leadership is not about employment, But deployment! Leadership is not about your job, But […]

I lift you up

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I have learned that Good leaders pray for others, great leaders sympathize with others. Good leaders give advice, great leaders inspire trust and self-confidence within others. Good leaders cry with others. Great leaders uplift and instill hope in others. Be lifted today, focus on your destiny, believe in your hidden potential and capabilities, motivate yourself […]

The five biggest questions of life

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These are the five biggest questions every single one of us need to answer if we need to live an effective life on planet earth; which means: A life of prospect, a life of contribution and achievement.A lifestyle where your presence and your absence is indispensable. Why? because of one thing. You recognize the value, […]

What is the value of a human

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In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram. Propterea sicut per unum hominem in hunc mundum peccatum intravit et per peccatum mors et ita in omnes homines mors pertransiit in quo omnes peccaverunt. Iustificati igitur ex fide pacem habeamus ad Deum per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum. Omnes enim peccaverunt et egent gloriam Dei.

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