Why We Exist - Notre Existence
Who we are & Qui sommes-Nous?

We exist to serve and complete each other regardless of race, color, background and ethnicity. We believe that we all need and depend on each other and we are all valuable, important and worthy of the same treatment and the same opportunities and legal rights to live, work, enjoy, protect, secure and to elevate each other.We can only have a better future and a better world whenever we value, inspire, encourage, support, care for the destiny of each other and our children. By join and standing together and fostering a community of equality and dignity, where justice and impartiality is for all.

Our core values is the light on our path like:

1-We value diversity

2-We believe in human's values

3-We stand for human's security

4-We vow for human's dignity

5-We believe in highest authority

6-We respect others' choices

7-We care for the needs of others

8-We stand against violence

9-We stand against abuse any kind

10-We believe in community's unity.


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