Lydor Brunice

Senior Pastor
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I was born to serve, and live to win and design to connect and influence my generation positively for the glory of the Almighty God.

962 Campbell Ave Windsor, Ontario N9B 2J2. Phone:226-506-2461

Andrea Torakova

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The beauty of life is not in temporary thing, but it is trapped and hidden in the natural laws that God Almighty established before the foundation of the world so that mankind would achieve greatness during our peregrinate on planet earth. I was born to serve my generation with the gift that is trapped within me that’s you and I are very significant. Andrea Torakova

Michelair Tulysse

Public Relations
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I am Michelair Tulysse, I was born to serve my generation from the last breath of my life. I believe in development, progress, advancement and production that the God Almighty had established since at the beginning of the world. Michelair Tulysse.

Address:3303 60ST NE Calgary AB, T1Y 3B4

Sony Saint-Lot

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I am Sony Saint-Lot, I believe that I was born to serve my generation with dignity and honesty, with passion and dedication so that all the glory belong to “The God Almighty” In Jesus’ name. Sony Saint-Lot.

Adress:Address:3723 44 AVE NE calgary,AB T1Y 5Z4. Phone:+1587 429 4093 Email:

Lafleur Ronald

Public Relations
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1331 41 ST SE
Calgary, AB T2A 1K7
Phone: 587-703-3946

Je suis né pour servir ma génération avec dignité et intégrité. De plus, je crois que rien n’a plus de valeur qu’un être humain même dans les endroits le plus réculé de la société. Lafleur Ronald.