• Go into all the world, preach the good news of the kingdom of God to all creation.
  • G0 = Means don’t wait = be the initiator = be the leader = take the lid and the leading.
  • into = Means to integrate = to get involved = to invade the system = To participate in.
  • All = Means everything inside the system = Get unlimited access inside the system.
  • The world = Means “Kosmos =  System of governance, Governing Authority, Power of control.
  • Preach = Means = To declare = To manifest = To announce = to expose and to tell the truth.
  • The good news of the Kingdom = Means the original government of God through Jesus-Christ has arrived.
  • To tall = Means all the living creatures, Humans being, the animals and the environment.


Ufreshy Team