Ufreshy is an affiliate Business Social Media Marketing Network System, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The purpose of this social network is simple as described: We are an affiliate marketing business network, Our goals and dreams is to faciliate the newbie and pro to continue with the digital marketing system around the world. Our main focus, is to create an environment for the online affiliate marketer, businessman/woman, business owners and professional and community leaders to:

1-Promote 2-Advertise 3-Publish 4-Connect 5-Communicate and 6-Expose and exhibite the values of their services, products and companies have to offer the their target market.


Ufreshy mission is to connect wants, needs, problems to solutions. Connect searchers to results. Connect Hunger to satisfaction. Connect clients to customers. Connect values for exchanges.


Producing a national transformation among our community, by transforming followers into leaders, and leaders into agents of change. Therefore, We at Ufreshy Inc. We are the creator of change and the initiator of change and exchange of values.

Ufreshy Team

Updated: August 13, 2022